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Established in 1978, United Containers Ltd is a leading provider of empty container depot services with 11 facilities strategically located throughout New Zealand and Fiji.

United Containers also sells, hires/leases, refurbishes and custom-modifies a wide range of new and used shipping containers for re-use in a variety of industrial, business and domestic freight, storage and accommodation applications.

Through a network of modern container parks in key New Zealand ports and distribution centres, UCL provides clients with a reliable, one-stop, comprehensive and all-inclusive range of coordinated container management services, including transportation, tracking, storage and maintenance.

UCL offers shipping lines and container fleet operators a full and comprehensive range of container management and logistics services.

UCL’s Mission Statement

  • UCL exists to meet the needs and aspirations of stake holders, through the efficient, cost-effective and profitable operations of the resources available to the company.
  • UCL will achieve excellence in all activities in all areas of endeavour.
  • Client needs will always be the fundamental objective in the design of the services offered. UCL will strive to anticipate any enhancement to services offered that increases value to the client.
  • UCL will provide a safe working environment for its employees and the general public.
  • UCL will be a responsible employer.